Wednesday, April 1, 2009

b4 i hit the crossroads

just when I thought Im REady.. it hit me like a bucket of ice in a the middle of the dawn
wait up!! not just yet noieP.. u cant just turn your back on this place..not now.. not yet.. so many things are left unsaid, so many things left UNDONE.
YOU gotta do..what you gotta do..know what im sayin?!

hehe..::enuf of the serious stuff:: nde bagay skin eh..

i want this things settled before i hit the crosscroads..
~a perfect cartwheel - really i haven’t done a perfect one since i was kid
~sKate Boarding- woudln’t like avRil lavigne for nothing right?!
~JetskiinG - i love the waters.. sand.. heat of the it!
~bReak dancinG - always wntEd to dO the flAre.. scorpio..andman of course the StruTTs..yeah ~DriVe a right-hand whEels - cool
~rEad a gOod liteRature - this time not because i Need to wrIte a reactioN paper or sometHing.. just Plain reading
~cOmpose a song - la Lng.. gus2 k lng..
~choreoGraph - la lnG din
~sCuba divinG - agaiN..Ilove the Sea.. dati akong siRena..bgo nGing diWata..haha
~trAVel ArounD the wOrld - cge PhilippineS muna..haha
~aPPear in a Reality TV show - PBB sna kya lng nalate ako sa audition..lasing P ko That day..nyahaha
~bunJeejumpinG - gs2 ko sa New Zealand
~tumugtog with a Band - Eung sikat; eung may Audience..pwede n c YAel.. o kaya c baMboo..yebah..ChOosy ako!
~baBy Girl -
~cHarcoal Painting - kHit kninOng mukha..
~duEt Song w/andRew E.. haha
~sHop till you drOp- withOut loOking at the taG priCe
~rIde the Most Dangerous rOller coaster
~wrIte a noVel or Book - article sa Magazine or newspaper
~will create a viAl of BlooD - Kung sino mag aya na mka vial ko means xa Ung pnk Importanteng Tao sa Buhay ko..
~onE night stanD - w/a friend or stranger… tpos wla na.. gnun lng..
~woRk in A crimE lab
~aDmiT all the Lies.. - whoaHHh..
~ballrOom dancINg - momie wencY turuan mko..
~mouNtain Climbing - everesT? haha
~sEx sa ElevatOr..

to be continued.. an dami pa..ung may sense nmn..haha
liFe can be so unpredictable sometimes.. u'l never know when is Your last day..

buti p sa work babaan k muna ng mem0, sa 22ong life..nde nmn!?

i took this blog from one of my many blogs..wrote this probably a year ago, so ung iba CHECK n jan,. hulaan m kung ano ano..hehe