Sunday, April 19, 2009

To flirt or not to flirt

Flirting, as they say, is now a very common practice nowadays, Touché! Touché! Couldn’t agree with you more, sweetie! But before we take one step forward in going after someone who we thought is “the man/woman of our dreams” I thought I share with you some of my insights in this regard. Like everything else, Flirting has its own guidelines as well; there are certain rules to be followed, standards as I word it. But please don’t get me wrong, I’m not as expert as I wanted to imply you know, I wanted to be the expert, believe me, but then again, I am not. Let’s just time and experience thought me quite well, and I learned some of these the hard way.
And Oh, BTW, May I just clarify to each and everyone, that these are my OWN standards. And in no way that I intend to compare my standards to anyone else, and I have no intentions on degrading others or whatsoever, this is solely for sharing purposes.

So let’s get down to business.

Rule No. 1 – Flirt only if you think you are ready and able to do so. Flirting requires practice and perfect timing.

Rule No. 2 - Find the person you wanted to flirt with (may it be for serious thing, just for fling, bet or anything) you have to be very interested on getting that person, otherwise you will lose your interest or eagerness in a snap.

Rule No. 3 – Be very careful with Rule No. 2.


3.1.1 Never, EVER, Flirt with your BFF. That’s a total NO-NO. Not unless you’re ready to end your friendship, or you guys are that close and nothing on earth can tore you apart.

3.1.2 Never, EVER, Flirt with your friends BF or GF. (You don’t want them flirting with yours, right? So keep in mind that, what’s hers is hers and what’s yours is yours, besides there are lots of fish in the ocean.)


3.2.1 Don’t flirt with your subordinate. If you really are that focus on your prey keep it in low profile. Don’t be such a PDA fanatic. (Please spare me…and spare yourself.) Remember that it is best that you keep a good image for yourself, for future references.

3.2.2 Don’t flirt with your supervisor. Well, I can be lenient on this one, employees are bound to break rules you know, let the burden be in those who has the “position”. But of course, I want you guys to be very careful on this one, bare in mind that there may be ODD consequences. But if you think you can handle it, and then go for it. Always, always think ahead before making a move.

3.2.3 Its ok to flirt with your colleague. Just make sure that you guys are on the same wave length. And both of you are cool with it. No such thing as one-way street in flirting. Know what I’m saying… (Sincerely hope so)

3.2.4 Teacher-Student (on the same campus) – an ultimate NO-NO. Ok, fine, let’s make some exemptions. The teacher has to quit teaching. (Or find another school, we don’t want to encourage student courting their Profs Right? And besides we want to avoid OUR grades being “questioned”, so to keep everything in its perspective, either the teacher needs to leave the school or leave your student/teacher alone. CLEAR?) Well for obvious reason, the student needs to remain student until he/she finishes his/her studies.

3.2.5 Never flirt with your relatives – Do I still need to explain this. OMG!

3.2.6 Doctor – Nurse – well… I think this one is ok as long as they don’t do it in the E.R. when everybody else is busy trying to revive a 50/50 patient. Makes sense?

3.2.7 Yaya – Sir – You don’t wanna mess with a pissed WIFE.

There are so many things that I can’t think of right now, I’ll probably just add it, if it passed by my mind. I can always edit this. LOLZ!

Rule No. 4 – Analyze your target. Remember, Different strokes for different folks. It seldom happens that same style applies for 2 different persons. Pin point what their weaknesses and strength, wants and need etc. But, I said analyze, not stalk your PREY, your gonna scare them.

Rule No.5 – Find the perfect SPOT. Don’t flirt everywhere. Geese! Be a high maintenance flirt and not just an ordinary flirt. Keep your head up.

Rule No. 6 - Flirt only if you are with the correct circle of friends. Of course, people might be shocked or might misinterpret you. Al least if you are with your crew, your safe.

Rule No. 7 – Learn the art of letting go. Don’t overkill it. If the mouse doesn’t want to play with the cat, then don’t push it, go find another mouse. You can get yourself a rat instead.


B said...

Gosh, its... its... its... BITIN!!!!

More!!! more!!!

Tets said...


base from experience i followed every rule you made...oops except for rule #7...i wasn't able to practice that art...because i kept the person until now...i wish i had known that rule before....waaaah!!!

priestess_malaya said...

its good to be bitin once in a keeps you coming back for more

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