Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who Am I?

As much as i wanted to introduce you to myself, Im afraid i cannot do so, because believe it or not, Im not even sure if i do know myself that much, I still scare myself from time to time after all the good 'ol 29 yrs of my life, i still find myself gettin' to know myself. I can't promise to tell you everything about myself in one blog alone, not as if there is too much too say about me, but i may run out of words. As we go through this blog on my everyday endeavor in life, there, maybe, just maybe we'll get to know myself inch by inch. I don't wanna bore you with the old-fashioned way of introduction, that goes like, Im _______, born on ______, my hobbies are ____, my Ex-bf's were ______, those kinda info's. if i'll do that, trust me, you'll end up finding yourself suffering from unbearable ennui.

So join me, as I unravel my own twisted life.

The Rede I live by

The Wiccan Rede
Bide these Wiccan Laws ye mustIn perfect love and perfect trustSoft of eye and light of touchSpeak thou little, listen muchMerry meet and merry partBright of cheek and warm of heartMind the Threefold Way you shouldThree times back for ill or goodThese eight words the Rede fulfill:An harm ye none, do as ye will.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

no beginning

i haven't really thought of writting anything in this blog, merely created it 2 yrs ago but i just cant find the words to say what i wanted. Up to now..what a pity?!

anyway, im sure sooner or later, ill be able to push the right buttons.