Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who Am I?

As much as i wanted to introduce you to myself, Im afraid i cannot do so, because believe it or not, Im not even sure if i do know myself that much, I still scare myself from time to time after all the good 'ol 29 yrs of my life, i still find myself gettin' to know myself. I can't promise to tell you everything about myself in one blog alone, not as if there is too much too say about me, but i may run out of words. As we go through this blog on my everyday endeavor in life, there, maybe, just maybe we'll get to know myself inch by inch. I don't wanna bore you with the old-fashioned way of introduction, that goes like, Im _______, born on ______, my hobbies are ____, my Ex-bf's were ______, those kinda info's. if i'll do that, trust me, you'll end up finding yourself suffering from unbearable ennui.

So join me, as I unravel my own twisted life.